Why Choose this Approach?

Common Client Obstacles

  • Wanting a “break-through”
  • To learn what is holding you back
  • Wanting something more, feeling like something is missing
  • A desire for deeper satisfaction and fulfilment in your daily life
  • Overcoming reoccurring issues such as struggling, backsliding, procrastinating, lack of direction, feeling “stuck”

The benefits of
Loving Presence Embodiment

  • Rapid re-programming to remove mental conditioning and shift outdated beliefs
  • Freedom from inner tension and turmoil; a sense of relief
  • Activation of dormant potential within your DNA by transforming pain and wounding
  • Clearing of individual, ancestral and evolutionary patterns which can inhibit your spiritual growth
  • Powerful transformational tools to assist you in your evolution
  • Relaxation within your body
  • A sense of being alive in your body; more vitality
  • Growth in awareness: Experiences of inner clarity
  • An Energy-field of Loving Presence; finding Loving Presence within yourself!

A Transformative Approach

Awaken Your True Potential


Primary Focus on Body


Delve into the depths of self-discovery by exploring and understanding the physical manifestations and sensations within the body.


Primary Focus on Feelings


Embrace a level of deep acceptance by directing attention to feelings, allowing for a compassionate and non-judgmental acknowledgment of emotional experiences.


Primary Focus on Mind


Catalyze profound change by working at the level of the mind, encouraging transformative shifts in thought patterns and belief systems.


Primary Focus on Spirit


Ascend to the highest level of consciousness by centering attention on the spirit, facilitating a journey towards transcendence and connection with the divine aspects of self.

How we work

4 Levels of Approach

1. Inquiry level

Primary focus on Body

Inquiry begins with noticing and a willingness to do so regardless of the content, be it positive or negative. This is an active path: the action of focusing your attention & turning your attention inward. When doing so, you may notice patterns occurring in your body-mind. To help you focus, patterns can also be noticed though a tool called ‘Polarity Filters’ (Polarity meaning 2 ‘poles’ bound together in a union…can’t have one without the other!)…examples: pleasure/pain, expansion/contraction, open/closed, flow/stagnation, attraction/ repulsion, stimulation/sedation, attachment/aversion, etc. You can then focus mindful attention on the experience of your patterns as you explore them deeper through the use of the filters (or in your own way).

2. Acceptance level

Primary focus on Feelings

Whatever you notice you then accept. Acceptance means acknowledging that an experience is actually occurring, regardless of like or dislike. This is a passive path of allowing your experiences and those of others to occur without judgment. It does not mean condoning harmful experiences, but accepting what is occurring with awareness and human dignity. The more you accept, the more you begin to experience the Love that is at your core, the importance of all your relationships & the deep bonds with family & friends. Acceptance relates to connection and community, eventually accepting others as yourself. Even at this level, you may begin to notice glimpses of Love present within, beneath and/or around your experiences. Love is the backdrop which allows all of your experiences to occur.

3. Transformation level

Primary focus on Mind

In Level 3 you enter into the very deep structures of your Body-Mind, delving into the hidden and unseen forces at work in your experiences. This is an active path of change for de-conditioning that which no longer serves you. It is at this level that deep and lasting change can occur. With the use of “Transformational Tools” for body and mind, you can gradually untangle from limiting patterns & transform your old experiences into new energies for re-investment into Life and Love.

Michael’s “Transformational Tools” toolbox: Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP (Master Practitioner), Shintaido Martial Arts (2nd⁰ black belt/Instructor), Shiatsu & Myofascial Bodywork, Zazen (Zen Sitting Meditation), Insight Meditation, Human Design, Family Constellations, Energy Field Work & Western Contemplative Prayer

4. Transcendence level

Primary focus on Spirit

When you transcend, you move beyond known experiences and into the greater space of Love within, between and around you. This is a passive surrender of letting go into Love. This Love defies all definition and explanation, remaining always a complete and utter mystery. It can be called by many names: Loving Presence, Oneness, Source, God, Christ, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Divine, Great Spirit, Singularity, The Unified Field, The Void, The Tao, Nothingness, Emptiness, Etc. It is a quiet, still, simple and peaceful experience within you…essentially not much seems to happen yet paradoxically all is included and integrated! It is also a portal whereby grace, providence and miracles can operate in your life as well as subtle body awakenings, but not by any means of controlling. It can never be forced, only prayed for with relaxation and contemplation. The path toward this Love is approached through a paradoxical self-surrender/Self-affirmation. One can only be open and receptive to its mystery as the Loving Presence within you and within everyone else as well!

How Do You


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